What Is Casting Aluminium Heating Element ?

//What Is Casting Aluminium Heating Element ?

What Is Casting Aluminium Heating Element ?

Casting aluminium heating element for instant electric water heater, which will become the leading heating element for instant heating products in the near future. For the reason that any customer use stainless steel heating element or cooper heating element or even glass one, has already face frustrated dilemma for its engery lost and large amount from after-sale problem.

Die-casting-aluminium-heating-element 01

Now, let Us Check Its Inner Structure for Casting Aluminium Heating Element.

1st, it contains stainless steel water pipe and heating tube. 

The water pipe is surrounding the heating pipe. Water and electricity are being 100% insulated, detail as below picture showing.

water pipe and heating tube for casting aluminium heating element

Also, it is 304 food grade stainless steel water pipe, which water goes through it. While for the heating tube, it could undertake temperature up to 650℃.

2nd, cast it by the aluminium alloy. 

Using 800 tons horizontal pressure casting machine, inject the liquid state aluminium alloy into the finish mold within 0.13 seconds and then pass through 1800V high voltage safety test.

Casting aluminium heating element analysis

Well, How Nice Could It Work ?

  • According to the “law of conservation of energy”, when water flow is 3 liters/min, it could increase 3 degree (water temperature) per 1,000 watts.
  • Endless hot water within 3 seconds
  • Flow water, say goodbye to dead water
  • No waiting, no waste, saving water and electricity up to 98%
  • No limescale, long lifespan, save energy and cost from after-sale efficiently
  • Application: instant electric water heater, hot water tap and other instant heating products

As for its advantage, all products from YSW Electric Co., Ltd use casting aluminium heating element. We believe that nice products could own its reputation step by step, sample test quality is warmly welcome.

Any idea in your mind, we would like to cooperate together to make it out.

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    Its disadvantage is it weights more, complicated process and higher material cost than other heating elements.

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