How to Sovle Inconsistent Water Temperature?

//How to Sovle Inconsistent Water Temperature?

How to Sovle Inconsistent Water Temperature?

Inconsistent water temperature is horrible feeling in cold winter when you are taking a shower. When will this happen? mostly it is because the water pressure is unstable. If you google it how to solve inconsistent water temperature, you could get the answer after reading hundreds of files. Or you can make a phone call to your local plumber for help.

Wait, you are taking a hot shower now! you could do that only after bearing such bad feelings. Someone will say,”Hey man! We know how to adjust the mixer valve to get what we want.” Yes, but you have to wait and keep doing so till you finishing bath.

Then, is there any other positive way to solve this trouble? The answer is YES!!!

Choosing one reliable electric instant water heater, it will save you from now on. Please bear in mind that it must have constant temperature function. Especially that electric geyer designed with AI control system, it could control water temperature within one or two degrees (1℃ to 2 ℃  = 33.8F to 35.6F).  Never choose that only power setting function, it could not provide you endless hot water consistently.

What’s more, its instant heating technology plays very important role. If your areas has worse water quality, such as hard water, it will be much easy to get limescale when it is stainless steel heating element or red cooper one. The reason is that once heating tube keep immersing into hard water. After few month or less than one year, there are some limescale surround some part of the heating tube which is designed to pass heat. See, those limescale do not distribute evenly around the heating tube. That’s why sometimes hot water sometimes cold water when taking a shower.

Casting aluminium heating system is the best one you could consider electric shower. First, its heating element realized water and electricity is 100% insulated. No limescale to affect its heat efficiency. Secondly, Smart chip provides AI control system to endless hot water. No need to worry about inconsistent water temperature anymore.

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