Why you must know about packaging

//Why you must know about packaging

Why you must know about packaging

Detail points always place an very important role in one product. Except for its reasonal good quality design, the benefits of an attractive packaging design are undeniable. However, let us dont forget aboutĀ its shipping procedure.

We know that there is mark on the surfurce of box, such as fragile, layers and Up etc. You can refer to some pictures chosen from online source.



When we load these product with mark, worker from factory, supplier and distributors in the warehouse must pay great attention to this mark. Making sure that the box is putting on the right method, or it might be potential problem when the product in the end user’s hand.

Although it is small step it will cause big problem. For example, when we load the ceramic dishes with rude action by the worker, you could image what the hells will it be in the hand of end user. Same as the kitchen and home appliances, such as electric instant water heater or hot water tap. They must be put in the right method from the moment it is loaded into the container to the buyers’ warehouse till the end-user.

Let us always focus on every detail point together to improve customer experience!

Electric instant water heater Packaging

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