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Let’s Meet Our Patent Core-tech for Instant Water Heater

By the era of breaking the traditional instant heating technology, we launch a new serial of insant water heater and instant heating tap with patent technology, which named ” 3M Surrounding Heating Technology “.

Realizing water and electricity 100% insulation, Anti-dry burning function, No limescale, Long lifespan.

Instant Water Heater Heating Element from YSW
3M Surrounding heating element, which combines water pipe with heating tube, and then die-casting by aluminium alloy
Instant hot water comes out from main water supply directly
Still one naked heating pipe be immersed in the tank? Nope !!!

Water pipe surrounds heating tube, where water has no chance to access to electricity. It realizes water and electricity 100% insulated.

No limescale

Hot water comes out within 3 seconds, saving water and electricity

Long lifespan for heating element, up to 8 years

Years of experience in instant water heater products, we would like to cooperate with customer to make your idea come true.

Openning mold with extra support to realize your dream item.

Get Sample  Now to evaluate quality, Unlimited MOQ for trial order.

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Patent Technology Certification
Instant water heater CB
instant hot water heater CE EMC certification
instant water heater CE

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