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Electric instant water heater also known as electric tankless water heater, which provides endless hot water instantly.

Comparing to tank water heater or gas water heater, lots of cold water will be wasted before hot water comes out. What’s more, its heat will be lose in those long pipes.

Thus, if costomer chooses electronic instantanoues water heaters, water and electricity will be saved immediately. By the way, people will save time to wait for hot water. Look, what a happy ending it is! 

YSW Electric instant water heater with LVD / EMC / CB, which are certified by SGS

YSW, as the manufacturer for instant hot water system, launchs a new series of electric instant water heater and instant hot water tap , which all with patent “3M Surrounding Heating Technology”.

electric instant water heater heating element

Heating tube has no longer be immersed into water, water and electricity is 100% insulated. At the same time, it has few Key Features. On the one hand, it is Quick Heating and High Efficiency. On the other hand, it has No limescale and Long-lasting lifespan.

Only need to choose one setting temperature, Constant Temperature hotwater will be on call 24 hours. YSW instant water heater even could fit to any preheating water, such as Solar Heating System or Central Boiling System.

Smart power consumption adjusted automatically by precise control system, which will save electricity. Unfortunately, either tank water heater or gas water heater, certainly you cannot avoid facing lots of unhappy problems.

  • Firstly, too high hot water temperature depressed.
  • Secondly, much cold water wasted.
  • Worse still, one expensive electric bill waiting for you.

Units can be installed under sink as hand wash water heater, or inside the bathroom as electric shower heater or even commbined with preheating water system.

They are not only fit for residential project, but also fit for commercial project; such as apartment, hospital or any other public places. YSW tankless water heater is always your best choice.

Any type of electric tankless water heater you want, YSW is here for you.

Now we are still developing new instant hot water products. In the near future, we will provide electric boiler and shower panel.

Contact us Now, we will provide you the best tankless water heater for your project.

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