How to Sovle Inconsistent Water Temperature?

Inconsistent water temperature is horrible feeling in cold winter when you are taking a shower. When will this happen? mostly it is because the water pressure is unstable. If you google it how to solve inconsistent water temperature, you could get the answer after reading hundreds of files. Or you can make a phone call [...]

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Which power to choose as electric shower

Which power to choose as electric shower? Well, similar to storage water heater, which has different liters to different household. Although instant shower heaters has no tank, its working performance has great relationship with many factors. Even in different countries or areas, which power to choose as electric shower is different also. Warm weather, such as [...]

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Why need EMC certification to Shower Water Geyser

Need EMC certification to shower water geyser or not? It seems that not everybody knows it. First of all, what is EMC certification? Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) certification is the basic requirement in European market, USA and also the South Africa market to those electronic devices. In European market, Most electric or electronic items whether battery [...]

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Technical Data for Instant Water Heater You Must Know

Technical data for instant water heater you must know, which will help you make a best choice. 1st, every area or countries have different voltage. Almost the whole america areas both North America and South America use 110V single phase tankless water heater. While in Europe, Africa and Asia, it is 220V to 240V single [...]

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Why Choose YSW Electric Showers

Choose YSW Electric Showers or not, we will show you it is the right decision you have ever made. Safety No tank, water has no any access to electricity tube. It is casting aluminium heating element, water and electricyt is 100% insulated. Either no water leakage or no electricity leakage. With relay design. Others similar [...]

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Which Type of Electric Shower Heater Is Best

Which type of electric shower heater is best Limesacle, Eletricity leakage, Water Leakage and Dry-burning are the most common problems for electric shower heater.  Are you still worrying whether is it safe to use hot water heater? How can you make choice among thousands of electric shower brands? Today let us make a review for [...]

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Two Misunderstandings About Instant Water Heater Reviews

Instant water heater reviews could be found anywhere when google it. But today we would like to share two commond misunderstandings about instant hot water heater electric reviews. The more dangerous for high power supply wattage, the more safety the lower one. The reason that we choose to mention is that on demand water heaters is [...]

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Do Instant Water Heater Save Money

Instant water heater save money or not? Should i choose instantaneous water heater? In fact, most people who use tank water heater all have the same experience. It will take more and more time to wait for desired hot water from storage water heater, especially in hot summer. Every time you want to take a [...]

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