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Instant hot water tap provides lukewarm water instantly in cold weather, especially in those extremely cold areas and countries. That’s why you need one instant hot water faucet.

Every household, kitchen mixer taps are for washing dishes or vegetable. But as it is not instant hot water system, you have to wait for more than 30 seconds till hot water comes. At the same time, lots of cold water and its heat pass through the pipe have been wasted. Obviously, it will waste time and money. In addition, people pay great attention to hygienic consideration than ever before. However, public places like restaurant, hotel or even hospital, people still has to use their hands to touch those  tap’s handle, where lots of handprint leaving from other unknown people. That’s why you have to choose not only one instant hot water dispenser, but also one sensor instant hot water tap.

Instant hot water tap

Well, many hot water taps do not have long lifespan and not so much safe in the market, how about ours ? Now, Let me show you one by one.

YSW’s instant hot water faucet adopt the most advance technology in the world,  ” 3 M Surrounding Heating Technology”, which realized water & electricity 100% insulated.

How ?

Not only one heating tube as heating element, YSW’s heating element has 304 stainless steel water pipe and heating tube, after combined them together then die-casting with aluminium.

instant hot water dispenser heating Element-1instant hot water faucet heating element-2

Instant hot water tap Heating Element-3



Other Key Features :

  • Hot water and cold water available
  • Hot water comes within 3 seconds
  • Housing material:  304 Stainless Steel
  • Control way: Infrared sensor
  • No limescale, long lifespan
  • Flow water

Technical Data

  • Voltage: 220V -240V
  • Frequency: 50Hz ~ 60Hz
  • Power: 3.5 kw / 4.5 kw

Different voltage has different power

   220V     3500W    4500W
   230V     3800W     4900W
  240V     4200W     5400W


YSW produce instant hot water tap, electric instantaneous water heater  stable quality with competitive price, warmly welcome to visit factory.

Get Sample Now:  hot water tap and electric instant water heater

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