Why Choose YSW Electric Showers

//Why Choose YSW Electric Showers

Why Choose YSW Electric Showers

Choose YSW Electric Showers or not, we will show you it is the right decision you have ever made.


  1. No tank, water has no any access to electricity tube. It is casting aluminium heating element, water and electricyt is 100% insulated. Either no water leakage or no electricity leakage.
  2. With relay design. Others similar brands only use triacs by PCB control, ours have two relays. It is the vital electronic component to anti-dry burning, that’s why we would like to pay more cost to it.
  3. EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) standard. Not only pass LVD (CE) standard, every YSW electric showers have main control board, where owns full electronic components accordingly to EMC standard by SGS.

Long lifespan

  1. Up to 8 years warrnty to heating element
  2. Brass inlet and outlet water pipe

Easy operation

Unlike bare wire heating technology, every instantaneous water heater must let water to fullfil the tank first. And then power on to begin usage. If customer do not follow this instruction, immediatly the instant geyser will be damaged for its dry-burnning. While if you choose YSW Electric showers, just use it whatever you desire.

Support preheating device

No need to worry about how to combine your exist hot water system. Every item from YSW electric tankless water heater could be also named as combi shower.

Limited max working power

Power range from 4.5kw/ 5.5kw / 6.5kw /7.5kw / 8.5kw optional.

Save troubles and costs from after sale

Brass inlet and outlet water pipe, very very longer lifepan than those plastic ones.

Smart desgin for hall sensor and temperature sensor. Even has any defect, only change this tiny thing. Not the whole water pipe, cause less cost.

Easy cleanning regularly for inlet water pipe.


YSW aim to provide the most safety and high efficiency electric instant water heater to every clients. Seeing is believing, sample to evaluate quality is warmly welcome.

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