Two Misunderstandings About Instant Water Heater Reviews

//Two Misunderstandings About Instant Water Heater Reviews

Two Misunderstandings About Instant Water Heater Reviews

Instant water heater reviews could be found anywhere when google it. But today we would like to share two commond misunderstandings about instant hot water heater electric reviews.

  1. The more dangerous for high power supply wattage, the more safety the lower one.

The reason that we choose to mention is that on demand water heaters is becoming more and more popular. People loves its high efficiency and cute size. Yet, still some customers says it is too much dangerous to this kind of higer power instant hot water reviews.

Firstly of all, we could see warnning sticker or warnning sign showing that ” Warnnnign High Voltage” anywhere. Nevertherless, we never find  “High power supply wattage” in our life.

instant water heater reviews

What’s more, its voltage range is same as other small home and bathroom appliances. If it is single phase, range from 220V to 240V. If it is three phase, its voltage is 380V or 400V.

Therefore, the safety for 10,000 watts is same as 1 wattage because they are same voltage. The dangerous is depending on voltage not power supply wattage. Next time when someone talking about instant water heater reviews, hope you could share them this important point and convince them it is only convenience for electric shower.

     2. The higher power wattage use more electricity, the lower one save more electricity.

Watt is the measure of the efficiency of power. Unlike traditional electric tank water heater, tankless electric water heater does not sit with its rated power 24/7. It only work on the moment when you need hot water instantly. Either no tank or no need to preheating for electric instant water heater. It controls the power according to how much hot water needed. For example, if inlet water temperature is 25C, and you want 45C with 2 liters water flow. Even you have one sink units with 5500 watts, it only use 4500 watts. Same wattage consumption will use when you use shower water heater as much power as 9.0kw or higher.

However, electric tank water heater is doing heat dissipation while heating. That is why we need to waste so much time to wait for the whole tank reach its required water tempeature.

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  1. Doreen September 18, 2017 at 10:54 AM

    By the way, the electricity bill is according to its power consumptiom. Power consumption = watts * time. For instant electric water heter, although its watts is higher than storage water heater, but it takes very short time. In contrast, tank water heater take long long time to do preheating.

    Normally, 80 liters tank water heater requires more than 3 hours to do preheating in winter. 2.5KW * 3H = 7.5KW.H which means it use around 7kw.h as power consumption, but only could take a shower for 20 minutes. Nevertheless, if we use tankless electric water heater to take a 20 minutes shower, it only needs not more than 3kw.h. ( 8.0KW * 0.3H = 2.4KW.H). LOOK!!! Saving up to 60% power consumption.

    What’s more, instant electric water heater could adjust its power automatically. It only use around 1kw in summer, its power consumption is only 1/8kw.h.

    That is why we say electric instant water heater is higher energy products.

  2. Albert October 16, 2018 at 9:03 PM

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