Why need EMC certification to Shower Water Geyser

//Why need EMC certification to Shower Water Geyser

Why need EMC certification to Shower Water Geyser

Need EMC certification to shower water geyser or not? It seems that not everybody knows it.

First of all, what is EMC certification? Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) certification is the basic requirement in European market, USA and also the South Africa market to those electronic devices. In European market, Most electric or electronic items whether battery or mains powered, they must run EMC test to comply with compulsory CE-labeling.

The purpose of the EMC Directive is to have electronic or electrical products function properly when they are in proximity to other electronic and electrical products by a) ensuring that electrical and electronic products do not emit electromagnetic disturbances that will adversely affect other products; b) making the devices immune from incoming electromagnetic disturbances. To view the EMC Directive, go to the European Commission website and click on “Directives and Standards.” Then, click on the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (2004/108/EC).

Shower water geyer as one kind of electronic and electrical products, it must test by EMC directive. While most factory although having CE-labeling, it only pass LVD(the Low Voltage Directive). Normally, all electric devices or installations influence each other when interconnected or close to each other, such as interference between mobile phone, TV sets and computer and nearby refrigerator, washing machine or electrical power lines. The purpose of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is to keep all those side effects under reasonable control.

LVD to Electric Shower


Without EMC test, those interference sources could cause shower water geyer to malfunction. What’s worse, it even can be hazardous and possibly result in fire.

In order to pass EMC test, it require some specific electronic element on the main control board of PCB sets. And at the same time, its cost is not cheap, that is why most manufacturer only test LVD to CE-labeling. But YSW shower water geyer insists to be the most safety one around the world, we not only have relay but also have all electronic element according to EMC test on the main control board of PCB sets.

Need EMC certification to electric water geyser

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