Which Type of Electric Shower Heater Is Best

//Which Type of Electric Shower Heater Is Best

Which Type of Electric Shower Heater Is Best

Which type of electric shower heater is best

Limesacle, Eletricity leakage, Water Leakage and Dry-burning are the most common problems for electric shower heater.  Are you still worrying whether is it safe to use hot water heater? How can you make choice among thousands of electric shower brands?

Today let us make a review for all types of most pop brands electric shower heater together.

 Brand                   Picture  Purchase  Heat Efficiency  Safety  Change Heating  Chamber  Water Leakage  Limescale  or Calcium Scale  Casing Material
 Stiebel Eltron ST    4 Star     99%   YES Need to Change Regularly     Yes         Yes      ABS
 Armor 81BZDWfLGTL._SX425_     2 Star     99%   Yes Need to Change Regularly     Yes         Yes      ABS
 Alpha alpha banner-M5     3 Star     80%   Yes Need to Change Regularly    Yes          Yes      ABS
 Redring Reddring     3 Star     80%   Yes Need to Change Regularly     Yes       Yes     ABS
 BOSCH Bosch-AE-9.5-powerstar-1.5GPM-tankless-water-heater-300x300    3 Star     80% Yes Need to Change Regularly     Yes         Yes       ABS
 YSW Electric Showers YSW-V6     4 Star     97% Yes No Need to Change Regularly      No         No ABS and temper glass



1.What is heat efficiency?

Once heating tube is directly immersed into water, less waste of heat exchange than the one water and electricity is 100% separated. Stiebel Eltron and Armor use bare-wire heating element, which heating element diretly touch the water, that’s why it could get the highest heat efficiency.

2. What is limescale?

It also called calcium scale, it is becaused of bad water quality. You can see it from inside kettles or on taps in those hard water areas or countries. Such as UK, Ireland and India, China and so on.

limescale on hot water systerm from ysw instant water heater

3. Casing material, normally plastic one is much easier to go yellow. If one day you saw one temper glass panel, it might be another choice.


More info about ” Which type of electric shower heater is best”, you can check below info for reference.

****Stiebel Eltron   Could only get 4 Star in somewhat reason

The very professional expert in instant water geyser, whose instant heating technology is bare wire heating technology.

  • The highest heat efficiency among any other ones till now.
  • Besides it is very cheap cost to this kind of heating chamber, that’s why many other brands learn from it.
  • However, it has strict terms about water. If water is too hard or containes of calcium or other kinds of impurity in your areas or countries, it will shorten those bare wire heating technology water heater’s life span.
  • But it is easy to water leakage.

***Other pop brands like Alpha, Beebest or Armor or BOSCH, they also use the same plastic heating tank.

maxres default

After testing market, BOSCH change bare wire heating element into stainless steel heating tube or cooper heating tube. And it use stainless steel tank instead of plastic one, which save BOSCH’s crisis for the moment.

Bosch heating element


It seems that it will be best design in the electric instantanous water heater market. As we all know that, high cost for after sale is not good. High complains from customer could easily ruin the brand in short period. It could be the disaster for any pop company.

Everybody, don’t forget that cooper heating tube is direcly touch to water. Its heat efficiency will obviously become lower and lower after long terms usage. What’s worse, it could be explosion one day. And then electrici leakage is another potential dangerous.


You might quite disappoint about it, what the hells which type of electric shower heater is best? Everything is changing very fast. Nowadays, it has another new design. Which could help avoid any water leakage, electric leakage and dry-burning problem.

This one is called casting aluminum heating technology.

  1. Water and electricity is 100% insulated
  2. no limescale and long lifespan.
  3. Even its heat efficiency is 1% lower than bare wire heating technology.
  4. But still lots of factories with same looking… Please pay attention to its inner structure, its electronic components are vital points to determin its safety.

which type of electric shower heater is best

****YSW electric instant water heater use the latest technology and  strictly produce every item accordingly to EMC, LVD standard by SGS.


Electric shower heater is becoming more and more popular during recent years. Smart choice to choose one safety item not only could safe money but also life.

which type of electric shower heater is best ---Safety Or Not

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